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TAP Twitter Profit Funnel System: Passive Income

by PRmuse on Jan.05, 2010, under Social Media Strategies, Twitter

Do You Have 15-30 Minutes?

Every Day?

Five Days a Week?


Then Get Ready to Earn $12-15,000 per month…

with TAP

You probably know that one of the main challenges we all face when selecting a course, ebook or system is having the ability to differentiate the few good and reliable ones from the endless junk out there, with no added value.

The more personal contact a developer offers, the more you can rely on the course you are considering!



Everyone who subscribes to TAP Profit Funnel
will take advantage of LIVE Webinars

During the webinars, developer Grant J. Ferrari will explain about the TAP course, the system and will also answer your questions.

This is probably the best way ever to learn on the internet and make sure that besides a great course you are getting THE REAL DEAL… real professionals, real support and real results!

TAP’s exclusive semi-automatic system will be revealed on January 7th.

Until then, I want to extend Grant’s invitation to a live Webinar tomorrow night at 8pm EST.
(There are 150 seats available.)

Register and get further info here:

TAP offers an attractive set of benefits:

  • Mentored — Ferrari will provide an e-mail hotline & live weekly webinars.
  • Auto-Pilot Easy — Daily “to do” lists structure first 101 days to maximize time.
  • Fun — Participants focus on topics they enjoy learning and talking about.
  • No Money to Invest — No need to buy traffic or websites or ads.
  • Lucrative — Ferrari currently earns $12-15,000 in monthly income.

I have joined a global group of affiliates in backing the release of developer Grant J. Ferrari’s TAP Twitter Profit Funnel, an online system for generating passive income streams.

TAP takes a straightforward, step-by-step approach to creating wealth by leveraging the power of the internet and today’s fastest growing social media microblogging platform.

Ferrari, 31, developed TAP to support his family after losing his job as an internet analyst last year. With his wife’s encouragement, he’s issuing a limited release of TAP starting January 7th. To reserve a copy, join his subscriber list via this link: (includes special discounts and bonus offerings).

The start date ironically marks the one-year anniversary of Ferrari’s sudden plunge into unemployment. “If I hadn’t been fired, I never would have developed TAP, so it’s turned out to be a day to celebrate,” he exclaims.

“When you lose your job in this economy, it’s tough to find another,” he says. “I needed to find a way to put food on the table.” With weekly payouts as large as $4,785.00, TAP pulled Grant’s family out of their economic crisis.

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Avatar Brings to Mind: Twitter with a Twist

by PRmuse on Jan.05, 2010, under Uncategorized

The film Avatar leads my list of favorite moments during this holiday break. We were in Kalamazoo visiting our eldest daughter, Edy, and her best friend, Ray. The venue offered college-town excellence in sound, visuals, and seating (K’zoo, for those who don’t know, is home to several colleges and universities — giving those who visit a broad-based stay in academic LaLa Land. And I mean that in only the most positive sense of the word.)

Several days ago, director James Cameron shared how he had invested ten years of his life (four and a half in the actual filming) to create Avatar. It definitely shows. Although not a fan of sci-fi, I found myself captivated during the entire 162 minutes — and, no, it never felt  like nearly three hours. Scenes spun by and begged for encore.

For those who thought Titanic could never be topped, this demonstrates the never-ending growth of genius. Thank you, James Cameron.

Saying “Thank You” is the natural response to something great, created by someone marked by genius. It’s my response to Grant J. Ferrari’s newest software offering called the T.A.P. Profit Funnel. A  piece of genius that I’ve found myself calling Twitter with a Rewarding Twist, this comprehensive internet marketing course contributes a new paradigm. He calls it “unorthodox.”  I call it bold and sassy.  Either way, it’s coming out of its box January 7th and you will want to be ready. Reserve a copy by joining Grant’s exclusive subscriber list at this link:

Grant tells me that you will also receive  his 2010 Social Media Marketing Forecast. It offers valuable insight into what’s happening on the internet and can help you with planning from a realistic and results-oriented perspective.

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