Sometimes You Need A Sign

by PRmuse on Feb.09, 2010, under Beachside Off-Season:My Story

Without thinking, I scooped my four-year-old daughter up in my arms and carried her inside… just before the THUMP!

Gratiot Beach lost a magnificent tree that afternoon. It fell perfectly parallel to the house, landing exactly where Edy had just been playing.

The trees that line Gratiot Beach stand tall, having witnessed countless generations settling in for their summer months together. I was new to the neighborhood and planned to stay for the ten-month off-season that was just starting. I needed time to figure out what I was going to do with my life. What could I do?

That afternoon, I had worked my way down the porch to shut what seemed like a never-ending line of windows until gradually realizing that Edy’s carefree chatter was out in the rain. Inside, together, we heard the THUMP.

Long after the tree had been cut up into pieces and burned in the fireplace while we stared into the flames, toasted marshmallows, and otherwise entertained ourselves, I knew. The nudge that had sent me out into the rain, just in time, was the sign I needed. God was watching and it was going to be ok.

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