Toastmasters: Worth the Stop

by PRmuse on Dec.23, 2009, under LinkedIn, Toastmasters, Uncategorized

Someone once told me that the chicken wings are greasy at the spot where my Toastmasters group gathered tonight to celebrate the holiday together. Well, they’re wrong. The wings are tasty and tangy and well worth the stop.

Toastmasters has been a part of my life for nearly a decade now, and I can’t imagine life without it. Unlike groups where you can easily drift in and out, depending on the season and your whim, Toastmasters is more like Bridge. As anyone who has ever played Bridge knows, you have to live and breathe the game (or at least play once a month) in order to stay in the swing of it.

Most of what is worthwhile in life is like Bridge.

This month, I’ve been serving on jury duty and missed both Toastmasters meetings. That hasn’t happened in a long time. Well, actually, I don’t think that has ever happened. While munching on chicken wings tonight, surrounded by fellow Toastmasters, my month suddenly felt complete again. I had known something was missing, and now I knew exactly what that was.

When people challenge you to grow professionally, it makes your life better. Toastmasters does that for me. It can do that for you, too. I would highly recommend it. If you’ve been turned off by something someone once said about Toastmasters, go find out for yourself. Like the tasty chicken wings I enjoyed with friends tonight, it could turn out to definitely be worth the stop.

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